What Can I Expect Before & After My Facelift Procedure

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Your facelift begins the moment you first walk into your specialist plastic surgeon’s office for your consultation. That’s right — the results of your surgery do not simply depend on what happens in the operating room, although, to be certain, selecting a highly qualified specialist plastic surgeon is essential to getting the look you want safely. But several things can get you started towards that outcome, and they begin even before you have selected your surgeon.

Several elements can predict — and ensure — you have a safe surgery and get your desired results. Armed with this information, you can select the surgeon most likely to help you achieve your goal of years of healthy facial rejuvenation. A mediocre surgeon or surgery, on the other hand, can cause years of dissatisfaction or require a revision surgery. If this happens, you’ll still need to know how to select a qualified surgeon for your follow-up procedure. Here are three things to factor as you begin to select a specialist plastic surgeon for your facelift.

Your Facelift Procedure Begins During Your First Office Visit

You may have very low expectations when you have your first facelift consultation. In fact, you might even have several others scheduled for the same day. But what are you looking for while you are there? What will tell you that you have found “the right surgeon” for your facelift procedure? One thing that should stand out — and if it doesn’t, that’s a red flag — is patient focus. To avoid a dissatisfying, cookie-cutter surgery, your surgeon needs to understand you and your needs genuinely.

Patient focus is more than just the politeness you experience while you talk to your surgeon’s practice support team and your surgeon themselves. This quality should extend to all aspects of your visit, especially the consultation. Does your prospective surgeon ask you for your medical history? Does he or she want to know in detail about your goals? What you want? How long you’ve wanted it? What the surgery will mean to you? What your expectations are? How big of a commitment you wish to make?

To give you the result you want, your surgeon will need information — lots of information. The more your surgeon knows, wants to know and asks you about you, your health and your final look, the better equipped they will be to recommend an appropriate course of treatment for you, plan your surgery and give you your results — and the more invested they will be in seeing you get a positive outcome from your surgery as a partner with you in the process.

The Outcome of Your Procedure Depends on Your Recovery

Something else important happens before your surgery. Together with your doctor, you will plan your recovery. Adequately preparing for your recovery can be the difference between a healthy recovery with outstanding results and a prolonged recovery where problems occur that could potentially harm your results. During the office visits leading up to your surgery, your surgeon should be as concerned with your recovery plan as with the surgery itself, perhaps more so. After all, the surgery will be completely under his or her control, while the recovery is primarily up to you, the patient.

Your surgeon should provide you with all the information necessary to make arrangements at home to recover safely. And your surgeon should want to support you throughout your recovery if you have questions or need advice. This means making themselves available above and beyond your follow-up appointments.

In fact, providing you with detailed recovery instructions and making sure you understand them and have made the necessary preparation before your surgery should be one of your surgeon’s most important concerns. This is because immediately after your facelift — as with any surgery — you will be naturally vulnerable to many risks unless you take the necessary precautions. If your surgeon doesn’t properly emphasise the importance of your recovery and planning for it, you may have the wrong surgeon.

As with all good things, you’ll have to wait — but your results will be worth it!

The last requirement for a successful facelift is you — specifically your commitment to recovery. As you recover, you will have many important tasks to accomplish. Two tasks take on supreme importance. The first is keeping your surgical areas clean by regularly and carefully changing your bandages. This prevents infection and ensures your incisions heal properly. The second most important task may actually be the hardest — waiting.

You will naturally want to start enjoying your results right away, and as a result, you will likely be tempted to do things which may harm your results. These things could include anything from more physical activity than you’re ready for or from getting less rest than you need immediately after your surgery. However, you need to take extra care during this time, minimise any unnecessary work you may have to do, and allow your body the rest it needs to heal well.

The risks are real. For example, doing too much too soon could increase your blood pressure which could stress your incisions, and if you are still on medications to manage pain, you could also increase your risk of accidents which can have serious consequences. All of these adverse outcomes, however, can be avoided by preparing adequately for your recovery and being patient. By having help on hand, easy meals prepared and plenty of relaxing entertainment at your fingertips, you can take the time to slow down and heal and enjoy your results sooner without complications.

Dr Damon Thomas’ Experience and Deep Concern for his Patients Can Help Ensure a Great Result

Dr Damon Thomas has a single focus — he wants you to look and feel your very best. To achieve this, the surgeon takes a consultative, personalised approach with all his patients that heavily involves them and takes all their needs and wants into consideration. All these factors help Dr Thomas formulate the optimal treatment plan for each patient, so they receive the long-lasting and attractive results they expect and deserve.

If you have been considering a facelift and wish to learn more about the procedure, call Dr Thomas’ office on 03 9034 7738 today. His friendly and knowledgeable staff can set-up your in-person consultation and answer any initial questions you may have about your facelift. The first step towards getting the fresh and rejuvenated face you want is by far the easiest one — a quick and easy phone call!