Patients will intermittently require revision of their previous breast augmentation. This may be due to a concern about the implant, changes in the shape of the breast, or wanting to change their size. Dr Thomas specialises in revision breast augmentation surgery.

Breast Revision Surgery is performed to remove and replace breast implants for a variety of reasons. Dr Thomas specialises in Breast Revision Surgery.

The appearance of breast implants may change after a number of years due to age and time, weight loss or weight gain. Many women, after their initial surgery, discover that they have not selected large enough implants and are looking to increase their breast size further. Breast Revision can also improve the breast appearance by removing scar tissue, positioning the implant in a more suitable position or even replacing it with a different shape, size or textured implant.

Candidates suitable for Breast Revision include:

  • Women who have had implants for 15 to 20 years.
  • Women experiencing changes in the breast shape.
  • Women with concerns about the type of implants, the implants hardening, leaking or rupturing.
  • Women seeking to adjust the size of their implants.
  • Women whose implants have shifted, rippling or wrinkling.
  • Women not satisfied or comfortable with their recent breast augmentation.

About the procedure:

For this second time around procedure, the selection of a fully qualified Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon such as Dr Thomas is imperative. Revision surgery is more complex than Breast Augmentation.

The incision will most likely be made at the site of the original procedure, the implant will be removed, a new pocket created and a new implant inserted. This is the general procedural process, however depending on the purpose for the revision the procedure may differ.

Stitches will be placed internally and are dissolvable to minimise scarring.


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What to expect after the procedure:

Swelling, bruising and changes in skin sensitivity are a common side effect following this surgery. You may be required to stay overnight in hospital for monitoring and your total recovery can take several weeks. Surgical tape will provide compression to the area after the surgery. During your second week of recovery Dr Thomas will assess whether you can change to an approved support bra, worn day and night for three to six weeks. A quality support bra is recommended even after recovery to reduce sagging. Exercise and lifting should be avoided for four weeks. At 6 weeks post recovery you should be able to return to normal activity.