Body Lift

A lower body lift or belt lipectomy is a procedure commonly recommended after significant weight loss. This surgery removes excess skin and tissue from the abdomen, thighs, hips and buttocks to create a sleeker body contour. A body lift may also be performed on patients that have seen excessive skin sagging due to weight fluctuations or the aging process. Dr Thomas offers options in body lift surgery, with the ability to customise the procedure to the unique needs of each individual patient.

Candidates for Body Lift Surgery

Body lift surgery may be recommended to address any or all of the following concerns:

  • Dramatic weight loss has resulted in significant skin sagging
  • Isolated pockets of fat remain that will not respond to diet and exercise
  • Excess folds of skin are causing irritation, rashes and infections
  • Despite your weight loss, you are still unable to fit into your smaller clothing
  • Dissatisfaction with your body image, despite reaching your weight loss goals

A lower body lift may be combined with other procedures, including a breast lift or liposuction.

About the Procedure
Lower body lifts are performed by Dr Thomas under general anaesthesia and usually require a few nights in the hospital to allow ample time for recuperation. Incisions will vary based on the specific areas to be addressed, but every effort will be made to minimise visible post-operative scarring. The duration of the procedure will also vary, based on the number of areas to be treated. Liposuction may be used during the procedure to remove isolated fat deposits and improve the overall results.

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What to Expect after Surgery
After surgery, you will need some bed rest to allow the surgical areas time to heal. Drains may be placed in some of the incisions to prevent fluid build-up and infection in the area. Oral medication will be provided to keep you comfortable during the early days following your surgery. Most patients are able to return to light activities within 3-4 weeks, although more strenuous activity will likely be restricted for much longer. The results of a body lift are considered permanent, as long as a healthy weight is maintained after surgery.

A body lift is an effective way to achieve dramatic body contouring results after weight loss or at any point when you feel loose, sagging skin and excess tissue is marring your body image. To learn more about this procedure, schedule your personal consultation with Dr Damon Thomas on 03 9034 7738.