WorkCover and TAC Injuries

Dr Thomas is proud to be able to treat elective and emergency Workcover and TAC cases.

If your treatment falls under the WorkCover or TAC program you can seek treatment with Dr Thomas by:

  • Requesting a referral to Dr Thomas from your GP or Doctor.
  • Contact Dr Thomas’s office for an appointment.
  • Ensure your case manager is aware that you have made an appointment as they will be required to approve the funding for the appointments.

Please ensure you have a thorough understanding of the process for lodging claims under WorkCover and TAC. Dr Thomas and his staff have experience in handling the paperwork associated with these claims.

Procedure Info

Dr Damon Thomas is dedicated to continuously improve the quality of medical and surgical procedures and creating new standards of innovation. His area of expertise are focused primarily in paediatric hand, adult hand, microsurgery, reconstructive surgery, and all other aspects of aesthetic and cosmetic surgery. In addition to surgical treatments, non-surgical cosmetic options are offered as well, including injectable treatments and skin rejuvenation.

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