Mole / Lesion

A mole is a common, non-cancerous skin lesion. While its presence is not usually a medical concern, it can be a cosmetic nuisance for some based on its size and where it is located. Some patients may also worry that a mole could change or become cancerous over time. In these situations, Dr Thomas offers mole and lesion removal by surgical excision, IPL or laser treatments to eliminate the blemish and create a clearer appearance.


There are three basic reasons why Dr Thomas might recommend mole or lesion removal:

  • The mole is a cosmetic nuisance
  • The location of the mole interferes with shaving or combing hair
  • Clothing rubs on the mole, leading to discomfort and irritation
  • The mole may be cancer or may become a malignant in the future

About the Procedure

Dr Thomas may remove a mole or lesion through a variety of techniques:

Surgical Excision – used to remove entire mole, the incision is then sutured closed
Shave Excision – area is numbed and mole is removed using scalpel to scrape away growth
Laser Therapy – laser energy is used to vaporise the lesion
IPL Therapy – similar to laser therapy, but uses intense pulses of light instead of laser energy

Most mole removals can be performed as a day surgery using local anaesthetic. Every effort will be made to minimise visual scarring after the procedure, but some scarring is a possibility.

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What to Expect after Surgery

Recovery from mole removal is usually minimal. Patients may be sore and swollen around the excision site for a day or two. The surgical site should be protected from sun exposure for a number of weeks to ensure full healing and prevent additional scarring. Follow-up visits are not typically required, unless sutures need to be removed or there is a concern about a malignancy.

Dr Thomas offers a variety of excision techniques for mole removal that allow him to customise treatment to the specific needs of each patient. With extensive experience in plastic surgery, Dr Thomas is highly qualified to remove all types of skin blemishes while minimising visible post-treatment scarring as much as possible. To learn more about these procedures, contact Dr Thomas at the Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery on 03 9034 7738.