Breast implants are removed for many reasons whether it be for patient preference, entering a different phase in their life, or from an implant-related complication. Regardless of the reason, Dr Thomas can help.

Candidates for breast implant removal

  • Patient no longer desires to have breast implants
  • Patient is concerned about the type of implants they have
  • Breast implant illness
  • Medical complications such as capsular contracture

About the procedure

An incision in the breast crease is usually utilised to access the breast capsule and implant. Many patients prefer to have a complete capsulectomy at the same time as implant removal. Dr Thomas specialises in complete capsulectomy, sometimes incorrectly referred to as ‘en bloc’ capsulectomy which refers to removal of normal tissue around the capsule which is not generally required. The implant capsule is always sent to pathology to have the cells analysed for any abnormalities.

Depending on patient preference nothing else is required, a new implant can be placed, fat injection to provide some of the patients own natural tissue for volume, or a breast lift can be performed at the same time as implant removal.

Breast implant removal case example

  • Patient had a previous breast augmentation for cosmetic reasons
  • Patient concerns about breast implant illness requesting implant removal
  • Complete capsulectomy performed with implant removal without breaching the integrity of the capsule ie ‘en bloc’
  • Concurrent breast lift performed to reshape and contour the breast and raise the nipple position
  • Post operatively within 6 weeks the patient had definite improvement in her breast implant illness symptoms

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