Injuries to the body can be catastrophic, resulting in lacerations, fractures and soft tissue loss. Dr Damon Thomas is experienced in all types of reconstructive surgery, in particular those injuries involving the hand and face, in addition to all aspects of microsurgery.


Trauma reconstruction surgery may be the best course of action for patients suffering any of the following types of trauma:

  • Lacerations involving skin, tendons, nerves, and arteries
  • Fractures or breaks of hand, finger and facial bones
  • Missing digits or limbs
  • Large loss of tissue and skin due to injury or cancer
  • Facial trauma that affects function as well as appearance
  • Exposure of underlying bone and tissue, such as an open fracture

About the Procedure

Reconstructive trauma surgery can be anything from a simple laceration to a complex microsurgical procedure. Dr Thomas prepares patients for these procedures by discussing every detail of treatment and planning ahead for any unforeseen circumstances that could impact the overall outcome of the surgery.

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What to Expect after Surgery

Trauma reconstruction surgery is performed generally as day surgery, however, an admission to hospital may be required for more complex injuries. The specific period of recovery will vary, based on the procedure performed and the injury sustained. Some patients may require subsequent procedures or treatments to achieve the best possible results.

Accidents, injuries, disease and defects can have a serious impact on one’s quality of life. Dr Damon Thomas works with his trauma patients to determine the reconstructive procedures that will provide them with improved function as well as appearance.

To learn more about these highly specialised procedures, contact Dr Thomas through the Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery on 03 9034 7738.

Dr Thomas can also be contacted directly through his paging service 24/7 for after hours emergency cases. Tel 03 8508 9000