Breast Implant Removal Surgery

breast implant removal patient

Most women who have breast implants find themselves happy with the results of their augmentation, enjoy their results for many years and will not need a secondary procedure such as a breast implant replacement procedure or removal. In many cases, women experience positive results for up to ten years or more before their implants need to be replaced or a secondary procedure even needs to be considered. In fact, if you are still happy with your procedure after ten years, and you are experiencing no issues, no surgery will be necessary. However, with time a revision will be required at some stage.

However, there are several instances where a woman may want her breast implants removed or replaced with new implants. While women can have a breast implant removal procedure safely performed by a Specialist Plastic Surgeon, the procedure has much more complexity than an initial breast augmentation surgery, so special care must be taken to select a surgeon who is knowledgable about the procedure and who has significant experience performing it.

Who should consider a breast implant removal procedure?

There are several instances when a woman should strongly consider having a breast implant removal procedure, either as a procedure by itself or as the first step in the process of a breast revision surgery. Most commonly, a breast implant removal and / or replacement procedure is performed when a woman experiences:

  • dissatisfaction with her original procedure, including implant size
  • the need or wish to replace her implants
  • capsular contracture
  • a deflation or rupture
  • issues with sagging

In any of these cases, a breast implant removal procedure may be a beneficial procedure to remedy a woman’s concerns and an essential precursor to a breast revision surgery.

What makes a breast implant removal procedure more complicated than a breast augmentation?

A breast implant removal surgery and the breast revision surgeries which commonly follow are generally more complex than an initial breast augmentation procedure. The reasons for this are many. Excision of the breast capsule around the existing implant is often required which can be challenging if a capsular contracture is present. A new pocket may need to be created to improve the breast shape. The breast skin may also need to be tightened with a breast lift or mastopexy.

What happens during a breast implant removal procedure?

First, Dr Thomas will open the breast pocket, and then he will remove the original implant. At this time, he will look carefully for any issues which may affect a new implant — if one is placed — or which must be addressed so that you are left comfortable and happy with your look after your procedure.

Since Dr Thomas may have to remedy issues specific to your anatomy and the implant which is being removed, no two breast implant removal or breast revision procedures will be identical. If a new implant is desired, Dr Thomas will close the breast pocket using internal, dissolvable stitches to minimise scarring once the new implant is successfully placed.

If you also have a breast lift performed with your breast implant removal or breast revision procedure, Dr Thomas will begin to perform this procedure after your implants have been removed and any issues dealt with. Since breast lifts may be performed in various ways, the type of lift you will have will be discussed and decided beforehand during your consultation.

What happens after my breast implant removal?

Recovery from a breast implant removal procedure will be much more comfortable than recovery from a breast augmentation procedure. While you will experience some pain as you would from having any surgery, pain after breast implant removal is usually minimal and well-managed with non-narcotic medications.

Recovery from breast implant removal is also much shorter than recovery from an initial procedure. In fact, most patients can resume work the day after their procedure provided they do not need to perform any heavy lifting. After six weeks, individuals may resume most, if not all, of their normal activities including regular exercise.

Rely on Dr Thomas for a Caring and Qualified Approach to Breast Implant Removal

Dr Damon Thomas has one ultimate goal; he wants you to look and feel your best. To ensure this outcome for you, Dr Thomas takes a personalised and consultative approach to patient care. Dr Thomas, placing particular emphasis on your concerns and goals, will translate those into a treatment plan that will deliver compassionate care and long-lasting, attractive results.

If you wish to learn more about breast implant removal or breast revision surgery, call Dr Thomas’ office on 03 9034 7738 today. Our friendly staff can set your appointment for an in-person consultation and also answer any questions you may have about breast implant removal. The sooner you have your consultation, the sooner you can enjoy great results.