Breast Implant Choices

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A breast augmentation can help women who are currently unhappy with their breasts for many reasons. Childbirth and breastfeeding can change a woman’s breasts substantially as can the natural process of ageing, leading to lost breast volume, breast drooping and the loss of their breasts’ once natural, youthful and appealing shape. These changes can also affect the position and projection of a woman’s breasts. Any of these issues can alter a woman’s view of her appearance, making her feel more self-conscious and less comfortable and self-assured.

Fortunately, a breast augmentation procedure can address many of the troubling aspects which affect the appearance of the breast and leave women feeling less attractive than they should. Breast augmentation can improve many of these problems and can be tailored to address the specific concerns that a woman has. If drooping is of particular concern, for example, a breast lift can be the focus. Alternately, a woman can have a breast lift and implants for more rejuvenation. Dr Damon Thomas, listening carefully to his patients’ needs, can guide women through the many breast augmentation choices they have, ensuring they select the right options to get their desired look and feel attractive, desirable and confident again.

Types of Implants

Among the most important choices a woman will make after deciding to have breast augmentation is which type of implant to choose. Women have three main types to choose from, each with unique qualities.

Saline Implants

Saline implants contain a saltwater solution which gives them their volume and are inserted into the breast pocket empty and then volumized to the pre-selected size after placement. While these implants remain available on the market, Dr Thomas strongly believes that women will be better served by silicone implants, and he uses silicone implants exclusively in his practice.

Silicone Implants

Silicone implants consist of a soft, liquid silicone gel which feels very natural. Women will have a lot of choice with regards to silicone implant size, and silicone implants will come pre-filled for insertion into the breast pocket. Women can choose round or teardrop shaped silicone implants to get the look they want.

Cohesive Gel Implants

Cohesive-gel silicone implants consist of a soft, semi-solid variety of silicone. If cut in two, each half will retain its shape. These implants often earn the name “gummy bear” implants because of their similar consistency. In firmness, these implants are somewhat softer than silicone implants and have the advantage that they cannot leak if ruptured since they contain no liquid.

Each of the three primary implants types provide women a safe option to improve the size and shape of the breasts, and which implant is “the best” one to choose remains mainly a question of personal preference. Your goals and desired final look will play a significant part in determining which implant to select.

Implant Size and Shape

Implant size is an extremely personal decision, and making the right size decision is impacted by many factors. The final look you want to have is one of the most important factors. Some women may want only modest improvement, while others will feel most confident with a much larger size than they initially have. Women should take plenty of time to consider all aspects of this decision before choosing an implant size.

For example, how will breasts look in clothes versus a bikini? Will your new breast size interfere with activities you love and will continue? Also, will your new breasts harmonise with other features, such as your chest, upper torso, body contours and overall physique? Dr Thomas will take many informed measurements of your body and help you narrow your options to those which will work best with your anatomy and improve your overall appearance. Once you have refined your choices to two or three options, you can try on “sizers” to make your final decision.

Today, women can also select between traditional round implants and tear-drop shaped implants to further personalise their look. Round implants come in both silicone and cohesive-gel varieties, while tear-drop shaped implants will be made from cohesive-gel silicone. Women don’t face a right or wrong option when it comes to shape, only the choice which will help you best express yourself and give you the final look that will make you feel happiest and most confident.

Implant Placement

Where you decide to have your implants placed will also have an impact on your final look. Women have a major choice to make when it comes to implant placement, whether to have their implants placed above or underneath the breast muscle tissue. These two options are medically referred to as subglandular or submuscular placement, respectively, and your choice of implant and your final desired look will affect which will work better for you.

Submuscular placement, for example, may help your breasts feel softer after your procedure. However, women selecting smaller implants or who have more breast tissue present can get a good result from subglandular placement. Dr Thomas can help you weigh all considerations and make the best placement decision to get the best look and feel possible.

Incision Location

Just as women have many choices to make regarding implant type and location, women also can choose — with their specialist plastic surgeon’s guidance — where to locate their incisions. A woman may decide where to have their specialist plastic surgeon locate their incision based on both practical and aesthetic reasons to best meet their needs.

The most common types of incisions women have to choose from include peri-areolar incisions, inframammary incisions and trans-axillary incisions. The peri-areolar incision is made around the areola, while the inframammary incision is made along the breast crease underneath the breast. A third option, the trans-axillary incision, puts the incision in the patient’s armpit.

Each incision location has advantages and disadvantages, and the type and size of the implant chosen will play a role in determining which will work best. For example, an inframammary incision is the commonest and safest option for consistent results, peri-areolar works better for women who want to avoid a scar on the lower part of the breast. A trans-axillary incision keeps the incision away from the breast but may leave a visible scar elsewhere. Your specialist plastic surgeon, Dr Thomas, can help you select the best overall option for your needs.

Rely on Dr Thomas for a Caring Approach to Breast Augmentation Results

Dr Damon Thomas wants you to look and feel your best and takes a consultative, personalised approach to patient care. With careful attention placed on your concerns and goals, Dr Thomas will translate those into a caring treatment plan that will give you long-lasting and attractive results.

To learn more about breast augmentation, contact Dr Thomas’ office today on 03 9034 7738. Our helpful staff can make your appointment for an in-person consultation and also help answer any initial questions you may have about breast augmentation. Start the process towards a great new look today.