Best Treatments for Frown Lines

patient with frown lines

When you look in the mirror and begin to notice changes in your appearance due to ageing, the earliest and most common evidence is often the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your face. These visible signs of age can be caused by a variety of issues, and are usually a result of a combination of several factors, including collagen and elastin depletion, cellular changes, damage caused by your environment, and lifestyle.

The good news is that there are a wide variety of nonsurgical cosmetic treatments available to address issues associated with ageing skin, and as advancements continue, it’s hard to decide which treatment might be the best one for you. Do you need anti-wrinkle injections, or are fillers a better option? Dr Damon Thomas and his staff are committed to making sure that our patients understand the myriad of choices we offer to achieve the most beautiful results for their specific concerns.

When you’re searching for the optimal treatment to combat signs of ageing on your face, especially frown lines, it is important that you understand the differences between anti-wrinkle injections and facial fillers – what each can treat, and how they work. Whatever option you choose, both forms of treatment can help you to refresh your appearance and maintain a natural, youthful look.

Types of Wrinkles

There are actually two types of wrinkles found on your face – active and passive. Passive wrinkles are lines that appear as a result of genetics and effects of the environment. If you are predisposed to thin or dry skin, live in a drier climate or have spent a lot of time in the sun – all of these can contribute to the breakdown of the collagen and elastin in your skin and leave you with varying degrees of damage.

Active wrinkles are the result of the long-term repetitive use of your facial muscles. Each time you frown, the muscles between your brows contract and cause your skin to furrow and fold. Because you use these muscles all day every day, when the collagen and elastin in your skin naturally decreases over time, you are eventually left with deeply etched frown lines.

Dermal Fillers

Another option for eliminating forehead wrinkles is the use of facial fillers, which are also called dermal fillers. Like anti-wrinkle injections, fillers are a non-invasive treatment, however, they work completely differently, and primarily address passive wrinkles. Facial fillers are an ideal solution for passive wrinkles, including minor forehead lines. When dermal fillers are injected into these wrinkles, the gel fills the creases, making them less visible or even eliminating them altogether. Fillers contain ingredients for stimulating collagen growth, so if you are diligent with your treatments, you can address minor wrinkles while stimulating natural collagen production.

Treatment and Results

Once you’ve chosen the right treatment for your needs, all it takes is a quick and virtually painless in-office procedure. The treatments are safe, and any side effects are minor and temporary. Results of your injection are almost immediate, and depending on whether you receive anti-wrinkle injections or dermal fillers, can last anywhere between two and eighteen months.

If you are frustrated by the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your face that make you look older than you feel, injectable fillers or anti-wrinkle treatments may be the solution to your problems. Call Dr Thomas’s office today on 03 9508 9508 to schedule a consultation and discover the best anti-ageing treatment for you.