Adult Hand Surgery 101

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Your hands are an essential tool that you use daily, from brushing your teeth and hair to performing dozens of tasks on your job. When the hands don’t function properly, it can impact every aspect of your day. Many conditions can affect the appearance and function of the hands, but the good news is that surgical treatment is available for many of those debilitating, disfiguring problems. Dr Damon Thomas offers hand surgery at his Victoria offices, taking special care to preserve the aesthetic appearance of the hand even while he is restoring function.

Conditions of the Hand

There are a number of concerns involving the hands that may be helped through surgery:

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition that begins when pressure is placed on one of the primary nerves leading to the hand. The pressure is often due to a repetitive motion like typing, which aggravates tendons in the wrist. It can also be caused by heredity, pregnancy or other health conditions.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful condition that leads to numbness and pain in the hands and fingers. The discomfort often worsens at night, making it difficult to sleep. When the problem persists for three months or longer and does not respond to oral pain medication, surgical treatment may be recommended.

Dupuytren’s Contracture

This is another common condition that occurs when fibrous tissue in the hand thickens. This leads to permanently bent fingers that can make it difficult to perform daily tasks. Bumps can also form under the skin where the tissue has thickened, which can become painful.

Surgical correction of Dupuytren’s contracture involves the release of the constricted fibrous tissue, which allows the fingers to straighten. There is also another non-surgical treatment Dr Thomas offers that uses injections of collagenase to soften the tightened cord and relax the fingers. Dr Thomas will help you determine which procedure will offer you the best results.

Trigger Finger

This condition, characterised by popping when the finger is bent, is due to the inflammation of a tendon that runs through the finger. The tendon thickens, making it difficult to run through the tunnel it normally does to move the finger freely. In severe cases, the finger can become stuck in a bent position, making it difficult to perform numerous daily tasks. When injectable treatments don’t have the desired effect, surgery may correct the problem.


These benign cysts can form around the wrist or a finger joint. While they are not a serious medical concern, they can become a serious cosmetic problem if they grow quite large. Some ganglions also press against the finger, causing pain and interfering with the normal function of the hand. Surgical removal of the ganglions restores the appearance of the hand, reduces discomfort and improves function in some cases.

Choosing a Plastic Surgeon

Whether you are seeking treatment for one of these conditions or have suffered an injury that has affected the form or function of your hand, a plastic surgeon is a good choice for your surgical treatment. In addition to extensive knowledge of the anatomy of the hand that can be used to make effective corrections, plastic surgeons always have the cosmetic results of their procedures in sight. You can rest assured when you choose a plastic surgeon like Dr Thomas for your hand surgery that you will see the best possible outcome in terms of correction and appearance.

If your hand is getting in the way of your daily activities or causing you significant cosmetic embarrassment, contact Dr Thomas today on 03 9034 7738 to find out if hand surgery is the right choice for you.