5 Tips for a Successful Liposuction Recovery

liposuction patient during recovery

When counting calories and logging the hours at the gym are not enough, liposuction is a way to eliminate those stubborn fat deposits and create a smoother, more attractive body contour. With multiple improvements to liposuction techniques in recent years, plastic surgeons like Dr Damon Thomas can tailor your treatment to your precise needs and aesthetic goals. However, no matter how good the technique or the skill of the surgeon, nothing replaces a safe and healthy recovery process for ensuring the best possible outcome from your procedure.

Managing Discomfort

While discomfort after liposuction tends to be less than the pain experienced after other surgical procedures, the ability to address any residual soreness is a vital factor in a healthy and comfortable recovery process. Less pain means you will be able to rest easier after your procedure, giving your body greater opportunity to recuperate. It will also help you to get up and moving faster, which promotes healing and lowers your risk for complications like blood clots.

Incision Care

Incisions for liposuction are minimal, as they just need to allow for the insertion of a narrow tube that is used to eliminate the unwanted fat cells. Smaller incisions mean less discomfort, swelling and scarring after the procedure. However, proper care of your incisions after liposuction will ensure the best possible cosmetic outcome while lowering your risk for infection after your treatment. Keeping the areas clean and following directions on how long to leave dressings over the incisions will help to ensure a safe healing process and the most aesthetically pleasing scarring possible.

The Importance of Compression

Compression garments are worn after liposuction for a couple of important reasons. First, they encourage healthy blood flow in the treatment area to ensure healing is completed. Second, they assist the skin in conforming to the new body contour, which secures a smoother result overall. Dr Thomas will advise you on how long you will need to wear your compression garments to obtain the best possible results. In most cases, 24-hour wear will be necessary for the first few days or week. After that time, you will likely be able to remove the garment to shower as you keep using it for another week or two.

Following Instructions

After your liposuction, Dr Thomas will provide you with specific instructions on how to care for your incisions, wear your compression garments and limit your activity as your body heals. When you follow these instructions carefully, you are much more likely to avoid complications and enjoy a safe and comfortable recovery process. While most patients can return to many of their activities within a matter of days, the recovery time will vary somewhat based on how much fat was removed and how many areas of the body were treated. Dr Thomas will tailor your recovery instructions to your precise needs to ensure you enjoy the best outcome possible from your procedure.

Enjoying Your Results

Liposuction is one of the most satisfying cosmetic procedures in part because results can be seen shortly after treatment. The areas where fat was removed will be slimmer and smoother almost immediately. However, swelling is common after this procedure, which can affect the full outcome for the first days or even weeks. Patience is essential during that time until the full effects of your slimmer, smoother contour become evident.

If you want to make the most of your liposuction treatment, proper preparation for the recovery process after the procedure is a must. To find out more about your options in body contouring, contact Dr Thomas’s office today on 03 9034 7738.